Sharing Our Earth

by Evon J. Yakar

Hiking up one of the Flatiron Mountains in Boulder, Colorado, put most of us out of breath. Yet the journey provided a great experience … it was a modern day ascension of that sacred mountain from our Jewish collective memory. That is where I celebrated Shavuot 5765 in Boulder, Colorado. Together with other rabbinical students from the three stateside campuses of HUC-JIR, we studied, we learned, we hiked, and we explored new possibilities with Rabbi Jamie Korngold of Adventure Rabbi: Synagogue w/o Walls. The experience left me with many great colleagues and new ideas. Eager to explore what was possible with this new and unique community Rabbi Korngold was creating, I was determined to follow her success.  


Almost seven years later, I was invited to work with Adventure Rabbi and build upon the great success of our Bnai Mitzvah program, the Adventure Class, and propose new ideas for Jewish educational models that jive with the Adventure Rabbi: Synagogue w/o Walls community. This summer begins the journey and we are proud of what has been accomplished and the opportunities ahead.  

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