The Israel Connection

By Alex Schindler

Alex understands that learning about the social issues that confront Israelis today forges strong connections between American Jews and the Jewish State.

Diogenes Laertius, the biographer of Greek philosophers, was in as good a place as anyone to recognize that “The foundation of any state is the education of its youth.” He was, after all, the historian of multiple traditions, one who described the achievements of Athens and of Sparta as well as the intellectual foundations undergirding them. His dictum thus should be taken to heart by we who inherit the traditions of Moses and of Maimonides, of Hezekiah and of Herzl, of Jerusalem and of Athens. Modern Israel, after all, has been described (originally by Saul Bellow) as a place that captures Jewish (and gentile) admiration for succeeding in the traditions of both Athens and Sparta.

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