More Than One Path to Judaism

By Avram Mandell

Avram aspires to show each family and each individual that there is always more than one path to take when trying to encounter God and more than one path to take on the journey of life.

Innovation, variation, outside-the-box, creativity, online learning, private B’nai Mitzvah ceremonies, summer camp programming, family programming, blogs, emails, tweets, Facebook, social networking… ahhhhh!!! There is so much talk about how to reach our families and how to make Judaism exciting and engaging for our children. All of this could make your head explode. It could make you feel like you’re constantly behind the eight ball. I guarantee you that if I charged $1300 for a pill that would be taken only once a year so that your child wouldn’t have to go to Religious School, but they’d have all of the Hebrew and Jewish knowledge they’d need for that year… I would have a line out my door and around the block.

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